Barnard Community-Close?

D21 has been excited about Barnard for a while, but couldn’t visit due to Covid, and was so happy to be accepted. She tried to look around campus during spring break, but wasn’t able to even get on campus. Can any students from Barnard comment as to how close the students are? While our D loves all the opportunities in NYC and at Columbia, she also wants a close-knit community and to sometimes stay in and watch Netflix (she’s a natural introvert who puts herself into many things just due to passion). Is she not a Barnard woman?

I’m sorry that I can’t really answer your question, but my daughter has also been accepted for Fall 2021. She hasn’t seen campus yet, and we were hoping to take a quick weekend trip - now I’m wondering if it’s worth it! For what it’s worth, it’s my daughter’s understanding that the Barnard community is close and supportive. It’s one of the things that excites her about the school.

You should still be able to get on Columbia’s campus (unless they recently closed the gate) and walk outside along the street and get a feeling for Barnard plus the neighborhood - as it is very different vs the heart of Manhattan. The Barnard online videos on Youtube are helpful for “seeing” the campus and then visiting from the outside will fill in a lot of the blanks too - in my opinion :slight_smile:

If it is close, I think that would seal the deal for my D!

My daughter graduated from Barnard in 2016. She made lifelong friends while at Barnard. She found it to be a very close knit community.