Barnard move in day

My D was admitted to Barnard for fall. Looks like move in day is Sunday, August 26, tentatively. How soon do I need to book a hotel? Any recommendations on a good hotel near by? Thanks

I booked as soon as I knew the move-in date. Don’t wait too long so that you will have some selections.

When I booked, the nearby decent looking hotels were all taken already. We ended up at the tiny boutique hotel called Hotel Newton. We liked it. The subway station was kitty-corner from the hotel. We took subway (5 stops?) to collect the stuff we bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. On the day of the move, we took cab from the hotel to Barnard.

When we were doing college tour the previous year, I booked Morningside Inn. It was the closest to Barnard and the cheapest. I will never stay there again! It was actually a hostel that has some rooms with private bathrooms. I’m a cheap person and not a picky traveler at all, but the room was disgusting and the supposed breakfast was just a packaged muffin and coffee in the horrible basement.

Thank you!

@Cara42 Where did you decide to stay? For admitted students visit, I stayed at a hotel off 86th street which was no frills but in a safe neighborhood and super easy access to the subway up to Barnard. Rooms were small but inexpensive and clean. But it is looking like it might not have availability on those dates. How long are you staying?

My advice would be to stay wherever you find a good deal. From midtown it’s easy to get to Barnard on the subway, number 1 train to 116th St.

Agree with @Jon234 . Any hotel near number 1 train line will be convenient.

I held a room at the Lucerne. Looks like a good option. Thanks!

@cara42 Me too!

@divarose We booked Thursday - Monday. That gives us two full days with our daughter before her move in day! I hope that is enough time. Is your daughter going to Barnard , too?

@Cara42 Yes! She’s very excited, and I’m very happy that she has a final decision. I visited with her over admitted students weekend and really loved the area. I feel a lot better about the big scary city now. :slight_smile: Right now I booked Fri-Mon but might come earlier depending on what we do with our younger children.

We visited last spring I we both loved the school and area! We originally planned Fri-mon, but her Dad made a good point. We would probably be rushing on Saturday to take care of dorm/ last minute stuff and it would be nice to prepare our daughter and us a little better. We may fly down and daughter might need a little time to mentally prepare etc.