Barnard, NYU, McGill, UToronto, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Family income about $90,000
Wisconsin resident
I took this two times, both my scores were pretty similar, but here’s my superscore
Composite: 30
Writing: 8
English: 33
Reading: 31
Math: 29
Science: 28

UWGPA: 3.8
WGPA: somewhere around 4.25, I haven’t calculated it in a while

Honors Classes:
Geometry 9
Algebra 2 Enriched
Precalculus (dual credit with my local college)
AP Calculus (dual credit with my local college, will probably take the test)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
College Prep. Chemistry
Biology 2
AP Biology (will take test)
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Spanish 5 (dual credit with my local college)
Concert Choir (the top, super selective choir at my school, only open to upperclassmen; 2 years)
English 9 Adv.
English 10 Adv.
AP Lang (got a 4 on the test)
AP Lit (will take test)

V-JaM (Vocal Jazz and Madrigals)/Cardinal Singers; sophomore-senior year; V-JaM is the underclassmen group; very selective
Pep Band; sophomore-junior year
Marching Band; sophomore-junior year
Fall Musical; junior year
Student Court; sophomore-senior year; restorative justice group that gives consequences to peers whom have broken school rules/laws
Sunday School Helper; freshman-sophomore year
Worship team; 5th grade-senior year
National Honor Society
Rotary study abroad to Spain for the summer before senior year
Studied at French language school in Montreal in the summer before junior year

Will have GEAC certification on my diploma (GEAC is the Global Education Achievement Certificate, which is fairly selective but only in Wisconsin as far as I know)
Multiple mission trips
Lots of community service with church
Have gone to state solo and ensemble every single year for vocal performance and gotten high rankings

I’d say my essays are pretty good. I plan on applying regular decision for every single college, except UMinnesota, which I already applied to, using the Golden Gopher application (some early application not open to public).

Right now, Minnesota is my safety school, while UToronto and Barnard are my reaches. I want to major in psychology or linguistics.

Toronto isn’t a reach…

UToronto (Linguistics): Safety
UToronto (Psychology): Match
Barnard: Reach
McGill Arts (Linguistics): Safety
McGill Science (Psychology): Low match/Match
NYU: High match
UWI: Match
UMN CLA: Safety

The only reason I think Toronto might be a reach is because of they require SAT subject tests and esp. Math 2, which I don’t really feel prepared for. Thank you though!