Barnard Psychology

Hi! Does anyone know how good the Barnard psychology program is?? I’m interested in psychology and I love Barnard. If I visit Barnard over the summer, is there a chance that I can meet one of the professors (maybe a slight chance??)

Excellent psych department but it can be hard to get desired classes. You can get a sense with this link - – this shows course pre-enrollment for next fall. You’ll see that most of the classes are full and all labs have waitlists.

If you want to meet a professor, I’d suggest that you go to the faculty pages and get a sense of who teaches what and what they have written… and then start a contact by email, ideally with someone whose focus is tied to your interests. Look at the listings for adjuncts/part-time as well as full time – I know some of the adjuncts have been associated with Barnard for a very long time and are well established in their fields, even if they aren’t tenured full time profs.