Barnard Rocks on Safety!

<p>For those who have concerns about safety at a New York college, let me share my experience with Barnard’s taking good care of my daughter who is a Freshman. Two months ago she called me at 2 am complaining of chest pain (it turned out to be nothing, thank goodness!). I advised her to call the health service night line. Within 2 minutes she got a call back from a physician who summoned an ambulance. Within 2 minutes a security guard was at her side. She was met at the ER by a resident life official (NOT a student RA), who stayed at her side for hours until she was discharged. She and her roommate were given a ride home, and the health service called later that day to make sure she was ok.
As I fearfully watched events unfold from far away (my baby in a big impersonal city hospital…), I was so comforted and impressed with how Barnard was there for her in a big way. The administration truly cares about the students!
And by the way,my daughter is insanely happy at Barnard!</p>

<p>thanks for sharing! that makes me want to get in that much more! great story!</p>

<p>Public Safety is definitely good. They do respond quickly like stellarena said. They are also quite friendly. Also if you’re ever scared to walk somewhere around the neighborhood, they’ll escort you there or back to your dorm and are happy to do so. It’s nice having that.</p>

<p>I never, ever was worried about my d’s safety while she was at Barnard!</p>

<p>I have had very good experiences with public safety, including having them help me through a case of harassment and stalking. If anyone – parent, student, or applicant – wants to know more regarding Barnard’s handling of it, feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>someone stalked you?? omg!</p>

<p>yea I had a security guard glare my way. I looked suspicious.</p>

<p>As someone that can’t visit Barnard (wayyy to far away just for a visit xD), I’m glad to see that they care about their students. Safety can say a lot about a school. :)</p>