Barnard social scene?

<p>I feel like a lot of schools have definite social "personalities," but I've heard very little about that kind of thing for Barnard. Especially with Barnard being a women's college, naturally I am a little curious about things like parties and (Columbia?) boys. What's happening on the weekends? What have you experienced or heard?

<p>It's hard to generalize about the social scene at Barnard because everyone's experience really varies. I think the one thing I can say pretty definitely is that it's NOT a party school - people rarely party on weekdays and there aren't even that many people who go out all three weekend nights (we generally consider the weekend to start on Thursday). </p>

<p>Beyond that, experience really differs. I have a few friends in sororities (I think about 10% of people are...not a big presence on campus) and they tend to party more, with each other and at frat parties. I'd say a large percentage goes out to bars with some regularity; mostly the ones in the neighborhood...and there are some people who rarely or never "party," and it's easy enough to find people who are going to the movies or staying in and reading, too. </p>

<p>Personally, I went to some frat parties freshman year but haven't really since then. I go to bars around campus (which are low key) with friends a few times a month, sometimes I stay in and work/watch a movie/go out to a movie, and for a special occasion or birthday or something I'll go out downtown. Of course, there are also random fun events to go to in the city - last week I went to "museum night out" and a lounge with jazz music :)</p>

<p>Very helpful! That's exactly what I'm looking for in a school. I've heard a lot of NYU girls say it's tough to meet guys, and I've seen that at College of Charleston too. I feel like Barnard is different though. I'm very independent, but I still want to date in college. How do you feel like that tends to go?</p>

<p>I was wondering this as well.</p>