Barnard Transfer Fall 2021

Hi! I didn’t see any group specifically for Fall 2021 transfers so I wanted to make this…


Yayy! A thread for fall! Im hoping to transfer in from a CC! What major you’re going for???

Hi guys! I am looking to tranfer for mathematical economics!!

Hey! I’m hoping to transfer as a psychology major. :slight_smile:

Me too!!

Hey! I’m hoping to transfer for comparative lit or linguistics. Is anyone else trying to transfer from another HWC?

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hii!! i’m applying cs

hey! I’m applying to either sociology and women’s studies. should we share our stats?


I’m applying as sociology too :slight_smile:

same!!! are you applying as a sophmore or junior?

I’m applying as a comp lit major! I’m a community college student in California. :slight_smile:

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yay!! best of luck :smile:

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yayy! hope we all get in :slight_smile: Did you turn in your app?

hi! i’m applying as a film studies major! i’m a student at a cc in california!

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hi everyone! i am also putting together my application, english major applying to transfer from nyu :crazy_face:

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3 essays to write :weary: Has anyone turned in their apps yet?


Yes I turned it in!! The essays are truly me!

Omg haha I forgot I had made this!!! It’s so awesome to hear from all of you guys!!

me too!

I’m applying from Bryn Mawr!!