Barnard Transfer Fall 2021

If you go back and look at previous years, its pretty true. You will see the average admitted gpa (when it was reported) was 3.6something. Previous years you see people with 4.0s and tons of ECs getting rejected for requesting aid. Its great to be hopeful, but the fact of the matter is that is a college that doesn’t have a lot of aid for transfers at all. Read up on colleges being aid-sensitive, many counselors admit to accepting less qualified rich people simply bc they have money. Barnard, unfortunately, is no different. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Yes that’s all true. But what can you do? Nothing. So relax, keep the negativity at a minimum, and keep it moving😌

just saying is all, I would want to know that information

yh… that’s valid

I was looking at my CSS profile and noticed that on the ‘Colleges & Programs’ section, it says Barnard’s award letter date is 5/17. I wondering if that means decisions will be out on the 17th!

wait what is CSS profile

It’s the financial aid profile Barnard uses.