Barnard Transfer Fall 2021

Long shot, but does anyone know of a FB/IG group, or some kind of groupchat, for accepted Barnard transfer students this year?

wait but did you apply for financial aid though?

did you need aid?

im trying to see if theyre mostly rejecting everyone who applied for aid. i havent seen anyone get rejected who didnt apply for aid

i didn’t apply… i haven’t heard back yet though :^/

same here! didnt apply for aid and im also a biochem major. havent seen any bio or biochem majors get in/rejected yet

do you guys think tomorrow is the last wave?

chances of hearing back today are high i think. tomorrow at the latest for 2nd wave historically

i am comp lit major

oh shiz we’re getting results today?! my application list is still there :frowning_face:

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we might, might not. mine is still there too, they just typically release on thursdays

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do you know what time? god i hope I dont get my result today

honestly, could be any time from now to 7:30… I’ll let you know if not applying for FA is guaranteed acceptance though… I have been thinking about committing to fordham for comp lit since they have a better program and ill actually get aid ugh

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i did apply for aid !!! oh well

Last week I received my acceptance on Friday, so it seems like it’s more likely that they will send out the next wave tomorrow.

Best of luck to all of you!

historically they do thursdays, but friday wouldn’t be unlikely

Should I be worried if I have not heard back? Also, are sure we’ll hear back today or tomorrow?
Good luck everyone!!

i also have not heard back yet!

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No my D hasn’t heard yet.

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i haven’t heard back either

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tomorrow it is!


Is it today? So nervous about it bc I’m also doing my final rn TT


i keep checking the portal like it makes a difference lol