Barnard Vs. Tufts,brown... admissions and more

<p>Hi, I applied to Tufts, BU, BC, Brown last year and got accepted to Tufts and BU and waitlisted to BC and Brown. Unfortunately, due to some personal reason, I ended up taking a gap year without any commitment. At that time I didn’t know the existence of Barnard but over this summer I was fascinated by Barnard- all women’s liberal arts school in NYC. Also, I wanted to major in Applied math and they have cross registration with columbia. Applied math department was literally across the street. So I applied there as ED and applied to other schools again.</p>

I did not get accepted. I did not get deferred for regular decision. It was just straight rejection from Barnard ED…</p>

<p>Is there any possible explanation? I remember last year I got rejected from Northeastern which was bizarre since Northeastern was my safety school. I applied to Northeastern and Barnard as a math major. Northeastern told me they had too many competitive applicants for the math major. I asked them how I can get rejected with 800 SAT math, 790 SAT math 2C, 5 in AP Calculus, 3.6 GPA from one of the top public schools in Massachusetts, and I only moved to the states from a foreign country 3 years ago. I told him that Northeastern’s mid 50% score of admitted students were way lower than that. I thought I was going to get accepted to Northeastern honors program. But admissions of officer wasn’t able to really give details…</p>

<p>So, if I go back to Barnard,
I’m very feminist and showed very clearly in my essay how I overcame adversities in my life. This is very personal so I won’t write the details in this post but no one in the world can say that I did not go through a very unique, traumatic event. </p>

<p>I called the Barnard Admissions twice and spoke with the admissions officers, and emailed them. They simply said they reviewed everything including a letter that says I was unable to get accommodation or special education for my ADHD or Learning Disability since I only got tested for those a few months ago. Strangely they didn’t mention that they saw my art supplement. The officer told me that Barnard admits students “holistically”. She also said Barnard share information about the decision. I just feel like this was some random rejection or perhaps they rejected me because of my background and financial status? That’s what I felt when I got rejected from Northeastern. That my unique, traumatic background, and financial status may have made them think I will not fit into their “rich” society or something. But at the same time I don’t have any proof that they are discriminating me.</p>

<p>Please give me some more advice and help to this situation. Although I don’t like the admissions office, I did a lot of research at Barnard and wish to go there. I really think I can even sue the school if I have proof that they were discriminating or unfair.</p>

<p>If anyone went through similar situation, please let me know</p>

<p>I’m very perplexed… I feel like this was just another unfair</p>

<p>I think the Barnard admissions committee probably places a high value on honesty.</p>

<p>You say that you applied to to colleges last year, were accepted at two, but did not attend due to personal reasons, and that you took a gap year instead.</p>

<p>However, last April you posted that you were a freshman at Tufts with a dual degree program with SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts)-- and that you hated the program and dropped it.</p>

<p>Before that, in January, you posted that you were a Freshman in the NEC (New England Conservatory)/Tufts dual degree program and regretting it. </p>

<p>Around that time you also posted that you were hating the SMFA/Tufts program and you had a long list of complaints. You didn't like the dorms, you didn't like the classes, etc. You also posted that you wanted to transfer to Barnard but that you didn't have enough credits to transfer. </p>

<p>So either you are lying to us right now about the circumstances of your rejection, or you lied to Barnard about your status and tried to apply as an entering student, concealing the record of your first year at Tufts. </p>

<p>Either way it is clear that Barnard had ample reason to turn you down. It's likely that your negative attitude was revealed via the letters of recommendation you submitted, and may have been reflected in the tone of your essays as well. Barnard is an extremely rigorous school and it can be very difficult for student to make the adjustment to the urban campus lifestyle -- it's not a good place for students who have had a hard time adjusting to college life elsewhere. </p>

<p>I am sorry if you have had to face a serious traumatic event in your life. Perhaps it might help you to get counseling to help you come to terms with your past, and understand how the emotions you carry from that time may be impeding your ability to progress and succeed now. </p>

<p>But again, as a first step, if you want help, you need to be honest. As you can see, it is very easy for others to see through the lies. Even if I hadn't taken the time to read your past posts, it was apparent from your post here that you were leaving out important details, and your attitude that you are want to sue a college for choosing not to accept you is inappropriately hostile.</p>

<p>reply to calmom: you are right about tufts but I did not include that in my posting and I lied in my posting. However, I did in fact tell the truth to Barnard way from the beginning, sent my transcripts and had them email to me. So I don't think honesty was the reason for rejection. Again, I apologize for not being honest in the posting.</p>

<p>But thanks for your reply. I think I can learn a lot from your response</p>