Barnard Waitlist 2025

yeah I did lol kinda scared I didn’t realize they were need aware

It’s okay- at this point we just need to believe in ourselves and stay positive!


Not too late. Now your letter is on top of the pile! Keep in mind that Barnard has already decided that you’re qualified to attend. Now its rounding out its demographic profile based upon whether more that 50% of admitted woman choose to go elsewhere. Based on prior years there are about 500 women on the list across the entire demographic spectrum.

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oh ok, ty!

Doesn’t seem like anyone has been removed off the waitlist the past few days?

didn’t someone say the AOs were off of work until tomorrow?

I think so yes, so lets hope thats why!!!

Hi all! I’m pretty new to CC, but I had some questions so I thought I might as well ask :slight_smile: I don’t know very much about waitlists, except that Barnard has one and I’m on it. I saw earlier in the thread that my AO seems to have already called people about two weeks ago, so I’m wondering if this means I no longer have a shot of getting off the waitlist. Is now a good time to stop hoping, and “give up” for lack of a better word? I guess I’m just not sure if I should still be holding onto the idea of Barnard.

Sorry for the long message! And good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

My college counselor told me they think that the Barnard class is already full :sob:

wait why do they think that?:sob:

I do not think that is accurate. If any of the accepted girls get accepted from their waitlisted schools and decide to go there, new spots will open up.

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Noooooo omg :worried: I guess it would kind of make sense cuz no one has been accepted for like the past ten days

ayo!! why do they think that!!?

lol i thought the AOs were just not working for a couple days after commitment day…

thats what I thought too? commitment day was not even a week ago

bc i would think finding out who committed would open up at least some new slots

if that were the case, wouldn’t they send out an email to everybody saying that they’re done taking people off the waitlist?

my ao was on break right up until today

yeah someone else said that the AOs were off till the 6th… so I’m assuming they’ll be taking people off tomorrow/ Friday. There’s no way the class is already full lol

I’m so done with waiting, can they let us know already!!