Barnard Waitlist 2025

Hi, thought I would start a thread since there was not one yet!


heyyyy i am upset because i was deferred too and i want a definitive answer but barnard is still my top choice so time to write another loci i guess

Yea it’s pretty disappointing since Barnard is my top choice also. What is your backup?

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ugh. I feel like writing LOCIs is so hard because you have to get your hopes up again for a school you already didn’t get into. here we go though :confused:


good question haha i have to figure it out

yeah, it sucks, but there is still hope. Does anyone know the chances of being accepted off the waitlist?

when is the latest we could hear back?

i think mid-late july

last year had about a 3 percent acceptance rate

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when do you think is the earliest we can hear back? or like average time? im hoping may :frowning:

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Weren’t some ppl accepted from the waitlist like super early last year?

How early was it

I think it was like late april but they also released decisions later this year so that could impact it

Wow. That is insane. With more applicants this year as well, I am not sure our odds are great.

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i heard that more people got off the waitlist last year?


has anyone submitted their loci yet?

I submitted mine yesterday!

did you get an automatic email from them? i sent an email a few days ago with a question and i got an automatic email back saying they would respond in 2-3 business days but when i submitted my loci, i didnt get an automatic email back

Yeah I got the email that said the 2-3 days thing. Maybe you didn’t get one back probably because you had already send something before.

how long should it be? like two paragraphs?