Barnard Waitlist 2025

I did like a mini intro and then talked about what I’ve been doing for like three small paragraphs and then a conclusion.

did you get a response yet after the automated one? Just asking bc I sent mine in on thursday, received the automated response but nothing yet after that

Yeah still haven’t gotten one back yet.

I sent it Thursday too

Hi, did someone received another email than the automated response when you sent the loci? Thanks

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I haven’t received one either, I think they haven’t replied to anyone yet.

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do they usually email back? i couldnt find anything about that in the 2024 thread

I literally have been coming on here everyday to see if anyone got off the waitlist even though its way too early :frowning:


last year people started to get off early - mid april but they got their decisions 11 days before us so that probably played a part in it

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Do you guys think that like after sending a LOCI that you should email you admission officer too. Like I addressed by admissions officer in my LOCI about should I send her a separate email or is that annoying?

^Ignore this LOL

i didnt send my loci to my admissions officer, should i have?

No they said in the email to send to the waitlist email.

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I mean the admission update thing that said that you have been waitlisted like it said to send to the waitlist email they had.

anyone know how many were waitlisted last year vs got in? i know that in 2019 it was barely 46 out of 1,045, something like that

Hey guys, when you send in your letter of continued interest what did you guys put in the body of the email? I know you’re supposed to put your name in the subject line but do I just attach my letter as a file to the email or…

I was looking at the common data set for last year and they offered 1545 students to be placed on the waitlist and accepted 45 off the waitlist :frowning: since they admitted more students this year I doubt they are going to take more students off the waitlist compared to last year idk

I just copy and pasted my letter into the email

Hey guys. Nice to meet y’all. I’m on the waitlist for barnard. How are y’all going about it.

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vibing but more like crying bc it seems like they waitlisted so many this year lol