Barnard Waitlist 2026

Hello, I thought I would start a thread for this year’s waitlisted students since there was no one yet.


Hi! What are you guys sending in? LOCI? Updated grades?

We’ve been warned that the waitlist process is definitely need aware: if you can afford tuition, you have a better chance of being selected. If you need financial aid, you probably won’t make it off the waitlist, no matter what you do or how hard you try.
That’s what happened the last two years according to past posts.


I send in a LOCI through the update form.

I just sent in a LOCI so far! Does anyone know if the waitlist opens today?

Did you write an actual letter or email?
I thought you were supposed to just insert it in the waitlist form?

I think you are supposed to do it in the waitlist form?

Yes it says to upload it through you applicant portal

Has anyone getting off the waitlist yet?

I’m pretty sure they don’t take anybody off the waitlist at any school until after the 5/1 RD enrollment deadline

Based on last year discussions, it looks like most of the offers for waitlist will happen between April 15th to April 29th. Not much activity was seen after May 1st.


hey everyone, i was waitlisted as well this year. barnard just requested more financial aid documents (IDOC) from me, could this mean anything? has anyone else received similar requests?

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I won’t read too much into it, especially that Barnard waitlist is need aware.

are a lot of ppl committing this year? does anyone know?

so has no one got of the waitlist yet?

Seems like the Barnard 2026 RD thread is very quiet - only 70 comments. Last year, the 2025 thread had 363 comments. The accepted students don’t seem very engaged. I am hoping that is a good sign for those on the waitlist. Maybe fewer will accept and they will move to the waitlist any day!


Last year, the first WL acceptance was on April 16 (Fri). Not sure how it will workout this year.

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that might be because the 2025 thread was created in April and combined the ED and RD thread while the 2026 created separate threads and the RD was created in Nov. Based on RD yield for the past years, around 50% of RD acceptances should be accepted.

Do you think they will accept applicants around the same time as last year?

last year 240 ish got off so maybe the same or a little less?