Barnard !!

GPA UW: 3.62, W: 3.9
ACT: 31
AP’s: APUSH (3), AP Lang (4), AP Bio (taking this yr), AP Lit (taking this yr), AP French (taking this yr)
I know my stats are fairly low but hear me out. I am applying with the intention of majoring in dance. I attend a prestigious arts conservatory and consider myself to be a fairly accomplished dancer (concentration in ballet) and I know my supplemental video is going to serve me well.

I am also getting a letter of recommendation from a professor (head of women’s studies) at a top private school (won’t say which for privacy reasons) and she has connections to Barnard and has given lectures there in the past. Will that boost my chances at all?

I’m mostly just curious. My hopes and dreams won’t be crushed if I’m rejected but I do love the school. I have plenty of safeties and more feasible schools that I’ve applied to.

I think you have a good shot. I know someone who attends Barnard and had lower stats than yours. Good luck!