Barrett Honors or Michigan?

Ann Arbor is very liberal and very international friendly. Since Affirmative Act was banned a few years ago, the African American student population has dropped by half. Nevertheless, it is still very diverse. I have been living here for 19 years on campus and near campus. It is one of the best college towns as indicated by many rankings. Do apply to LSA Honors. It is getting slightly more competitive over the years. They have deferred a lot this year and it seems they are holding a lot of seats for the later rounds. It would be fine if he is not interested in Greek life. It was suspended at UMich last year and it just started resuming activities.

Thank you for the help! He loves the feel of UM & has decided to apply to the honors program. He will be taking his accepted student tour soon so he can compare the two schools and ask any questions.

As an Arizona resident, I can confirm what another AZ poster said above – lots of Arizona’s top students go to Barrett and I haven’t really heard negative feedback about the experience. ASU may have a reputation as a party school, which it may or may not deserve (I’m not an alum of any AZ school, so have no dog nor experience in that fight), but that may be outdated, and they are working hard to offer a lot of opportunities to top students.

I’m not going to argue that ASU is at the same level as UMich, if only because I really don’t have any first-hand experience. UMich is considered by most observers to be one of the top public universities, and if the cost is the same then there are many reasons to pick UMich. I’m just saying that the difference between the 2 might be noticeably smaller than it was 30 years ago and that if there are concrete reasons why the fit is better at ASU (e.g., weather, major strength, doesn’t get into UMich Honors), I think there are solid reasons to consider it.

Good luck – your son has great options ahead of him!

@BorgityBorg He has been admitted to both as well as a few others. UM & ASU are the “cheapest” options so far. He is still waiting on a couple of schools so I am making him wait and review all of his options before we put a deposit down.

Know several kids who went there just for Ross Business school.

Can you still apply to Ross during freshman year or is it all direct admit now? Something else to consider since you indicated your son might be interested in business.

@CalMich: Isn’t Barrett Honors/ASU free for National Hispanic Scholars ? Same for the Univ. of Arizona ?

Well…does he like winter…or not?

Talk about getting right to the point. :slight_smile:

One may still apply to Ross as sophomore if has not applied pre-admission and got rejected. There are a lot less seats available for transfer as 80% of the class are by freshmen pre-admission. Nevertheless, the number of sophomore applicants may be less as those that are interested in Ross would most likely applied to the freshmen pre-admission,

@thumper1 Yes he likes winter. :slight_smile:

@Publisher Barrett isn’t free for National Hispanic Scholars, but they did give him a HUGE scholarship which I estimate would have us roughly paying in state tuition only. Michigan is in state for us so the cost of both schools is similar.

He has not applied to Ross so that is still an option if he decides he wants to go into business.

I should say, Barrett isn’t automatically free.

I posted this over on the prep school parents forum a few years ago when our son was going through his college app process, but it might be worth adding to the discussion here.

But, after all that, I still wish our son were at our alma mater (instead of a service academy). Go Blue!

That is a very good recap and article. I will say, DS was not impressed with the food at the Barrett dining hall. He is a picky eater so it could just be one of his quirks. He was also accepted into the Polymathic Scholars Honors program at UT Austin, but they haven’t given him the money to make it competitive with UM or Barrett. He really loved the UT campus. Barrett’s campus is impressive as well. It is a resort-like dorm living.

@CalMich check the GPA renewal requirement for Barrett merit awards. It used to be VERY high relative to others…and students lost that award because they did not get the required GPA. I have no idea what it is now.

One thought…you are from Michigan. If all else is equal…and your kiddo wants to go to a different part of the country…college is a good time to do so.

We come from a cold weather/winter part of the country…and one of my kids wanted NOTHING to do with winter while in college. That was a huge criteria for that kid.

My other kiddo currently lives in Phoenix…and really likes it there.

The GPA for Barrett’s renewal is only 3.00