BARRON'S 2400 vs GRUBBER'S MATH Workbook.

<p>My Math score is going around 640-690. I want to increase to strong 800. Which book is better to buy for 800, BARRON'S 2400 or GRUBBER'S Mat Workbook?

<p>Probably Grubers Math Workbook-it's harder than the actual test, but it'll prepare you well. Warning: don't use Gruber's for CR or W-it is convoluted and overly lengthy.</p>

<p>/s i g h ....</p>

<p>There is only one book that will help you, and you already own it. Stop fooling yourself in believing that there is a printed Holy Grail for the SAT. </p>

<p>Why do insist in adding books to your collection when you have correctly identified your problem as not understanding English well enough? </p>

<p>I will make it simple for you:</p>

<p>You ONLY need the Blue Book and access to the online course.
You DO NOT need to buy more books, and especially NOT the ones you listed.
You NEED to practice more.
You NEED to learn HOW to practice.
You NEED to listen to people who tell you to practice more.
You NEED to listen to people who tell you HOW to practice.
STOP looking for more books. </p>

<p>Please understand that people are TRYING to help you, but you have to show that you are paying a bit of attention. Repeating the same questions about this or this book is eroding the patience of readers.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but how practice more, you don't understand, I opened today BB I seat 2 hours for 25 questions, result 6 correct.I translated every word to russian, and no use, please tell me how to practice, I'm opening BB and I don't know 75% of words and even if I know it, I caanot answer to questions(passage).</p>

<p>^^ I just wanted to buy in order to have more practice that's it....</p>

<p>You can practice with the blue book! You can still do the math sections even if you only get 6 right on the CR section....</p>

<p>I have already almost done all math sections in BB, but they're easy, in compare, with those in BARRON'S.</p>

<p>If they're easy you should be getting 700-800s. Try going back and redoing one test. If you retake the first math section you took and score the exact same score you did the first time you did not study well enough. Record the ones you got wrong, for future reference, and learn HOW to do them. Regardless, you can find more OFFICIAL questions in the online course ( which they sell a code for for 10 dollars on eBay) or get an old QAS ( if you can't find a QAS just buy the online course). There are past SAT booklets linked on this forum that you can print for further practice</p>

<p>My math score 640-690 is from BARRON'S Math Workbook.</p>

<p>Then what's your CB math score?</p>

<p>Current-I don't know I did it several weeks ago. But I can do tommorow, but I don't think that it will make a lot of problems to solve it.</p>

<p>*for solving it.</p>

<p>people are trying to help you, and they know what they're saying. prep books are only useful to some extent, they help people who need to M A S T E R their skills, not build them. you say that you translated everything, well, in sat you don't chase words, you chase ideas ! start reading something other than prep books.. plus prep books do not guarantee high score, especially on critical reading.. you fail to realize that you have time to improve your reading comprehension, hence don't try to buy every single sat prep product.
you have a decent math score, no doubt, you'll have a much higher one by the time you will need to take the sat for college.</p>

<p>Everyone is trying to help you, be more attentive to other people's opinions..</p>

<p>I just wanted to make addtional practice, I can't understand how BARRON'S 2400 can make bad influence to me...or Workbook?</p>

there's one book. But how to study it?
I can't sit on the computer for long. 3h30? My eye balls will burst!
there are 8 official tests in there, but to attain perfect scores we need more than that. I'm not saying the book is not good. It's just not adequate.</p>

can't sit on the computer for long. 3h30? My eye balls will burst!


<li>You can (and should) print the tests.</li>
<li>At this stage, it's not important to complete one test at a time. Work separate sections.</li>

<p>then there will come time when you need to practice full length. 1 or 2 test might suffice for one take of the SAT, but as you already use most of the questions for prepping, you will run into a shortage of tests if you need to take the SAT again
What do you, xiggi, advise us to do? redo the old problems?</p>

<p>Inasmuch as I really do not like to point to the stickied thread, please read why I wrote years ago.</p>

<p>There are so many official tests available that nobody should run out! There is no need to "keep" more than 2 or 3 tests for full-time practice. How many tests are there in the various versions of the White, Red, and Blue books? Add the online courses. Add the QAS. And, then take them again, and again! </p>

<p>I cannot stress enough that the intermediary "scores" do NOT matter; building your skills and time management are important. </p>

<p>It is really not that complicated.</p>

<p>white? red book?

<p>belly, I cannot stress enough that READING the stickied threads is important. </p>

<p>For instance, did you try this one:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I think College Confidential meant it when they posted:</p>

<p>Please read before posting</p>