barron's 2400

<p>well, right now i have
Barrons CR workbook
Barrons WR workbook
Barrons 23rd edition
PR's 2008
Blue Book
Sat online course</p>

<p>so... would barron's 2400 help me? is it worth the money? ($16 on barnes and noble website)</p>

<p>I bought it too, it seems pretty typical</p>

<p>it may be a good idea to make one of these threads(that recommned prep books for SAT) a stickie
just my idea</p>

<p>chill dude. Finish those first...i think those are enough. You have plenty of study materials to get yourself a good score</p>

<p>get Barron's 2400...i think it's refreshing to read a test prep book that doesn't go over strategies that even my 5 year old brother would know (PR)</p>

<p>I just purchased Barron's 2400, going to read it today. I hear it's good, but you do have plenty of material to study with.</p>

<p>I think that barron's 2400 is the best book and def. helped me</p>

<p>i just got 1 last question ummm the practice tests in the princeton review book... how good are they?</p>

<p>yes, especially Critical REading. It really helped me.</p>