Barron's ACT 36 math- more than I need?

<p>After taking the free ACT test on the ACT website and 4 Princeton Review math ACT tests, I began to look over the math section of Barron's ACT 36. I noticed a lot of stuff I never saw on the math section nor imagined would exist on it like:</p>

<p>-Arithmetic series
-Geometric series
-You need to memorize the formula of stuff like cones, ellipses, and hyperbolas
-Combination and permutation formulas</p>

<p>Is this stuff practical or a waste of time to learn and memorize? </p>

<p>(I've learned most of this stuff already since I took calculus but you know what I mean)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>


<p>I found it to be useful for both the ACT and SAT. I haven't taken enough practice tests to say how much you need to know all those things, but it is definitely better to have them in your repertoire. The ACT doesn't give you a formula sheet, so knowing these things off-hand, especially in the geometry section is very benefitial.</p>

<p>In all of my practice, I have never ran into series problems. I didn't on the real test either. It wouldn't hurt to know the formulas for shapes, and they aren't too tough to memorize. Permutation and combination are useful, I'm sure you have run into problems like "You have 10 different meats and 4 different breads, how many sandwiches can you make with 3 toppings?"</p>