Barron's Review Books for Bio and Math II?

<p>How good are the Barron's books for the two subjects?
I'm taking both on June 5th, so in a week and a half, I've already taken the diagnostic tests in the books for both and started reviewing for math but I just started reviewing for bio today.</p>

<p>I seemed to a lot worse on the bio diagnostic test even though I took the AP exam for it in May..
Are they super hard compared to the actual test? Is there anything you'd recommend for this last week and a half (for both tests)?</p>

<p>I would recommend using a standard+custom subscription at this point because there isnt much time left. Im going to be doing the same, basically it will help you pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths, so you can use this week and a half to work on the bio and Math 2 chapters/topics you are not doing well on. If i had more time I would probably try using barrons and princeton review for extrapractice.</p>