Barron's Sat 2 Writing Book

<p>I know that the sat 2 writing test is no longer administered, but I was wondering how effective this old book would be for the writing section in the SAT.</p>

<p>I haven't look at it, but I imagine that it's decent. Mine is pretty good too, though.</p>

<p>^ did you finish it?</p>

<p>I am proofreading the Writing section right now. I am just awaiting feedback from two people, after which time I will post it. Hopefully this weekend.</p>

<p>I have this book, and it was pretty helpful. Not for the multiple choice, which I never took the time to study, but for the essays. I read a couple of 6's from this very book, just to see what graders focus on when giving sixes, reached a conclusion, wrote similarly in the June SAT [knowing what graders would focus on] and got an 11. Though, of course, I got a 10 on the January test without any reading, so who knows if it actually helped me.</p>