Barron's SAT ii math iic workbook

<p>is this book any good??? It's so difficult, i got 800 on math SAT I, but now on the digonastic, i only got 30/50!!!! wat is going on, the world just changed around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it's b/c of all the poisonous gases on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!1</p>

<p>The math section is more related to the SAT II Math IC, which algebra and geometry. The IIC is more advanced with functions, parametric equations, matrices, and all that stuff that isn't on the current SAT.</p>

<p>Barrons is a lot harder than the real test. It's still a really useful tool, but I wouldn't worry so much about getting lower scores on it. I probably only got 35 or so at best on Barrons but I got 800 on the real thing. Try some sparknotes tests when you get a chance, I found them pretty realistic.</p>