Barron's SAT subject books

<p>I don't know much about barrons subject test prep books. So tell me, is Barrons any good in preparing for the SAT writing, SAT bio, and SAT math ic.
For the SAT writing--do the essay topics serve any relevance to the actual sat i writing topics.</p>

<p>I used Barron's a bit for Writing - primarily just to practice writing sample essays, which is certainly something that will help you on the test.</p>

<p>Barron's is excellent for writing prep. They have a comprehensive english language grammar guide, which really helps for the test.</p>

<p>They're not too great for Math2c, IMO -- far too indepth</p>

<p>Barrons's is awesome for Writing AND Math2c... it is overpreparation for 2c... but makes the test seem like a breeze... trust me, get Barrons for 2c - it'll seem insane, but come time for the test, you'll get 750+ if u have a solid background in Pre-Calc</p>

<p>Does anyone what a 38 out of 40 (E) is on the Diagnostic test for Barron's SATII Biology E/M?</p>