Barron's SAT2 MathIIC

<p>I have a couple of questions regarding Barron's SAT2 Math IIC:</p>

<li><p>First of all, are the practice questions in this book harderl, relative to the other books?</p></li>
<li><p>And secondly, how well do the practice questions/ model tests in Barron's reflect in the real Math IIc SAT?</p></li>

<li><p>If you get a 30 you're on your way to 800</p></li>

<p>Wow are you kidding me! so is this to say that going with barron's is the best way to practise Math 2C?</p>

<p>I don't know about a 30..
It's harder though.</p>

<p>barron's in general over-prepares you for the exam and so you usually do better on the real sat than you did on barrons</p>

<p>Which prep book would you use for the Math Ic????</p>

<p>i'm using barron's for Ic</p>

<p>No it's not necessarily better. I would chose between PR and Barron's and lean toward PR.</p>

<p>barron's II c is really really accurate and you'll surprise yourself too! You always get a better score on the real thing and I believe that goes for all barron prep books</p>

<li>Barron's IIC is definitely harder (and covers some extraneous concepts)</li>
<li>the practice tests were more difficult than the real thing (I was getting scores of around 33) but ended up making an 800</li>

<p>I liked the Barron's book because it made the real test seem easy. There were times when that book got really frustrating, though.</p>

<p>I think Barron's is a waste of time if your goal is to study for the SAT. I know I used Barron's and regretted it - I had a lot of coursework for school due and I don't think time spent learning all the intricacies of conic sections was worth it. As work mounted, I just ditched Barron's and went through PR in a day.</p>

<p>Turns out, if you've had a good math background, to be honest, you need a little review and nothing else. PR was excellent for that. Besides, I think it's all about practice.</p>

<p>On the real test I picked up my calc only twice, and finished a few minutes early. I think I could have spent all that overprepping time on chem, which I really didn't do so hot on ;).</p>


<p>I got a 23 raw score on the Barron's diagnostic test, I'll probably crack the book in two weeks then Im on my way to 800</p>

<p>I agree that PR is a really good book if you are solid in math and need it just for review. I think it is also good for those who couldn't decide between 1 and 2c. I bought it after I signed up for Ic, because I wasn't sure if I was ready for 2c. After looking through it and doing the practice problems, I felt confident and took 2c for the real test.</p>

<p>I felt like such a failure when doing Baron's coz I felt like I'm only getting some of the questions right... and I doubt I could finish the entire model test in like 1 hr?!</p>