Barron's Verse the rest

<p>OK i want to know whether barrons is better then the other prep books besides BB. Because people keep telling me barrons is crap compared to the rocket review.</p>

<p>It's good for the 2000+ students (that is, if you're already reasonably good).</p>

<p>I hope you don't use "verse" when you mean "versus" on your SAT essay.</p>

<p>Yeh OK my mistake. but if your going to post something at least answer my questions.</p>

<p>^haha agreed. Why must so many on CC be so pompous? BTW I really had the same concern and from my own experience Barron's books are great. My friend was also able to work miracles with Grubers for math.</p>

<p>Is Barron's better than Kaplan's or College Board's tests (i.e. more accurate)? I got around 2210 on College Board tests, and then when I got Kaplan my scores suddenly shot up to 2330.</p>

<p>^^kaplan is easier.....than the CB tests</p>

<p>has anybody used barroons 2009 version of the bio prep book? will this be enough for me to get a 700+ on the test?</p>


<p>it's terrible, just leave it at that. i would seriously recommend going with princeton review for ACT not sat bc thats the devils test.</p>