Barron's versus Official Practice PSAT

<p>Is there a major difference between the two because when i took some of the Barron's practice PSAT tests i never got anything higher than like a 180 or 190. I just took the Official Practice PSAT that they hand out at school and got a 214, is there really a discrepancy or am i just going crazy. </p>

<p>In addition to that the Official practice PSAT for this year seemed kind of easy, i got a 79 in CR and 72 in math, and 63 in writing. I usually never get in the 70's for math. The other two score are about normal give or take 2 or 3 points.</p>

<p>sorry about this bump but i need to know whether those Barron's PSAT scores are good indicators or not, i hope not.</p>

<p>Oh quick question, doesn't this sentence have an error,</p>

<p>The opponents of the bill were few but influential enough to prevent its being passed in the House.</p>

<p>The answer key said no error, but i am pretty sure being passed is wrong.</p>