Baruch 2024

Hey everyone! I applied to Macaulay Baruch and I thought I’d start a thread for Baruch class of 2024 since there isn’t one yet! Feel free to comment questions/updates about your application status.

Did you receive a portal link after you applied?. I did it through the common app 2 weeks ago but never received a confirmation from baruch

Yes I received a confirmation email shortly after I applied, and I applied through the CUNY application (not the common application). I would call the admissions office and ask about your portal information.

I’m submitting my application tonight through CUNY. I hope I get in, it seems to be the best CUNY.

Has anyone else not heard back yet? Or know when last decisions will be sent out.

I applied in early December and got accepted in mid February. It all depends on when you applied.

Is anyone else not able to go to the student center of CUNYfirst? Like this oracle thing pops up?

Is anyone able to claim their Baruchmail account? They emailed me saying I could do it, but I answered all my info and it said there was no info. I tried to get in touch with them but I can’t get an answer prob cause of coronavirus but if anyone knows what to do please let me know !!!

The same thing just happened to me, emailed them but no reply as of yet. I think the virus has them delaying stuff so hopefully, in the next weeks, we can get a response or correction. Lol, I thought I was the only one with the problem.

did anyone get the acceptance to Baruch Scholars Program?

@princess12345 trying doing it on a laptop or desktop. If not, try going to the student center via the main menu option instead of the tool bar.

@DanielM461 their email system is super screwy. I ended up receiving an email thread between the help desk and some student I didn’t know with a crap top of personal information that definitely shouldn’t have been shared. I wish colleges would just set up google accounts.
In regards to emailing Baruch, I find it’s usually better to call them. They usually pick up or at least get back to you faster.

Also, I was thinking of starting a Facebook group for Baruch Class of 2024. Would you guys be interested?

Does anyone know when financial aid comes out?

Usually about one to two weeks after your acceptance letter comes out.

Did you get yours in your cunyfirst account? or was it an email? its been almost 3 weeks since I committed and haven’t received any info on financial aid. Thanks

Where did you see your decision? When I open my cunyfirst account theres nothing about an application. (I applied via common app but they said they received it)

Did anyone not get a decision yet? Mine still has not come out.

Same here yo

Can anyone activate their Baruch account or email?