Baruch a Good School For Business?

my GPA is 3.72 unweighted and 4.11 weighted
My SAT is 1820 or somewhere around there .. i forgot
I kind of started off bad in Freshman year but was able to maintain 4.0 during all other years . They are all explained in my essay and letters of recomendation.
i have been in volleyball team for 2 years, in tennis team for 1 year, community service group for 2 years, am in the student government as vice president. I have GREAT letters of recomendations and am in the NHS , and Whos Who Among American Student, and in Society of High School Scholars. I have a part time job during the school year and a full time job during the summer . </p>

<p>Is Baruch a Good Choice for me? I wanna double degree in Business and Computer Science..
Thanks =]</p>

<p>Baruch is a awsome school, the best of the best at business at its price range.</p>

OPinions are appreciated =]</p>

<p>Baruch is a small school. It has 3 buildings, 2 for study and 1 is the library and offices (bursar, registrar, undergraduate admission,etc).
Classes at Baruch (I'm a freshman) I think are ok, not too exciting, not too hard. The library is good (they lend laptops for 3 days). I'm checking out the clubs so I don't know much yet.</p>