Baruch College Transfer Students!

Hey everyone, for all those who have transferred to Baruch and were accepted recently, write down your gpa’s below as well as your major. I will be applying for the Spring 2018 semester from another CUNY, and want to see if I have a chance of being accepted.

Hey! I want to transfer to Baruch too! I will be attending Brooklyn this fall semester and plan to transfer to Baruch in fall 2018. Is it possible if I only submit my fall transcript only?

It’s possible. It’s easier if you earn your your associates first in CUNY but if you made yourself a strong candidate I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to. I know a kid that got straight A’s for 2 semesters at BMCC and now is transferring to Yale. If you have under a certain amount of credits though I believe some of your highschool stuff would be reviewed as well