Baruch College

Hi, is Baruch a hard school to get into? My unweighted gpa is about a 3.7 and my weighted gpa is probably a 4.0. Once I graduate, I will have taken 6 AP classes and 6 honors classes. My sat score was 1,200. I was also in clubs, honor societies, and sports. I know that Baruch has a 30% acceptance rate so I’m nervous that I will not be able to get in. I’m also out of state. Thank you!!

Your GPA is in range for Baruch but your SAT is at the low end. It’s a public university, so they favor in-state applicants, and admissions are based primarily on academics. Since it’s a math-oriented school, they look for high math scores over anything else (I think the average math SAT is over 700). I’m not saying you can’t get in, but it’s going to be a reach. Why Baruch, anyway? It’s not well-known nationally, and it’s a commuter school full of locals and internationals (who are really locals too).

Although I do not live in New York, I do live only 20 minutes away from the city and would be able to commute (which is what I want to do for college). I also heard that is a good school for business which is what I want to go into. I am just really scared about my sat scores.

If you can commute to Baruch, then you can commute to Rutgers-Newark, which will be less expensive for you and is a perfectly respectable school. Baruch may be a little higher ranked for business, but it is not an Ivy/T20, so I personally would not consider it worth the OOS price tag over the in-state tuition for Rutgers, which is a bigger and more nationally recognized university. I myself grew up in Jersey and many of my friends commuted to Newark and have had very successful careers (a senior executive at a top IB firm, a medical program director, several surgeons, etc). My IB friend is very smart but did not test well (had the same or lower stats than you), so she couldn’t get into New Brunswick, but now she gets to reject Ivy League MBAs to work for her. :slight_smile: Your success will depend on your abilities and your drive/perseverance, not the name of the college where you end up.

Another thing to remember about business, it’s an extremely broad field and does not require a business degree for most positions. Unless you plan to be an accountant, you can major in almost anything for your undergrad. Lower management jobs primarily require experience and for upper management you will need an MBA. Of course, the upside of a BBA is that it is marketable enough for a broad variety of jobs. Pick a school that will be most affordable, convenient, and will let you explore different subjects, because the chances are you have not found your calling yet (very few people do at this age). If you have your heart set on Baruch, apply by all means (maybe retake the SAT to boost your chances) and re-apply as a transfer in your sophomore year if you do not get in. Just don’t get upset if you don’t get in, you have an excellent fallback choice.

^^^^The OP’s SAT is on the low side for the b-school of Rutgers Newark (near the 25th percentile) so while it is worth an application, it should be considered a reach school not a fallback choice. The SAT makes Baruch a reach as well

@lauralgl You might want to consider studying for and re-taking the SAT or perhaps studying for and trying the ACT to try and improve your score.

Her SAT may be a bit below average for Rutgers-Newark but within acceptable range with an above-average GPA (they use weighted), and she is in state. Considering their admission rates, I would consider this a match for OP with her grades, not a reach: Rutgers does not normally reject local kids with excellent grades. I’ve seen kids with worse stats get in. Of course, the OP should check with her guidance counselor, but I’m sure she’ll get the same response. Baruch, on the other hand, is a reach since they put more emphasis on SATs and heavily favor NYC and NYS residents.

I have not looked into Rutgers Newark but I do have other schools in Jersey that I am interested in. I will also be retaking the SAT since I only took it once.

GPA is really good!