Basic SAT 2 question

<p>Hi all,
We're relatively ignorant about the SAT2s. My daughter is taking three on Saturday: Spanish, US History and English lit. She has just finished her junior-year finals, which included honors Spanish 3, US History and AP English language (she was in honors English sophomore year). She went into finals with an A in all three classes, and felt that she did well in finals.</p>

<p>The last thing she wants to do is spend her first week of vacation cramming for more tests (plus she's working). Only one of the colleges she's serious about requires/recommends SAT2s.</p>

<p>How hard are these tests? Is it all right to just take them cold, since she just studied for so many similar finals? I hate to bug her to prep all week, on top of her job, especially since fewer schools seem to care about these tests (she's only interested in smaller LACs).</p>


<p>It's always a good idea to prepare. For most people, the tests are not very easy.</p>

<p>The Spanish Subject Test covers material that your daughter has likely not covered thus far. Don't expect to break 700.</p>

<p>US History probably also goes beyond what she has learned in regular US History. Many people who have taken AP US History claim that the Subject Test is more detail-oriented. </p>

<p>Literature requires almost no previous knowledge; it's all about interpreting works. It is one of the hardest Subject Tests and has one of the worst curves.</p>