Basketball - end of the regular season

<p>If I understand this correctly, here is what is going on. Right now UT has won 25 basketball games during the regular season. This is a tie with their records in the past for the most games won during the regular season. There is one more regular season UT basketball game on Sunday, March 9, at 3 pm vs Oklahoma, and it will be on ESPN. If UT wins that game, they will have set a new school record by winning 26 regular season games. Then March Madness.</p>

<p>Please correct me if I don't have this right! Thanks!</p>

<p>No the game is against Oklahoma State, but your other facts are correct. If UT beats OSU on Sunday, they clinch the 1 seed in the Big XII tourney next week in Kansas City. Also, by winning against OSU they will capture a share of BIG XII regular season title or may win it outright. And most likely if UT wins the Big XII tourney (knock on wood), they will be a probable choice for a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, or at the least a 2 seed.</p>

<p>Yes I believe you are right.</p>

<p>But March madness must wait until after the Big 12 conference tournament.</p>

<p>THEN March Madness will start, basically at the very end of March.</p>

<p>I have Kansas over UT in the Big 12 Championship. The stakes are pride.</p>

<p>Any takers?</p>

<p>I think that UT will beat KU in overtime!</p>

<p>KU does have a little hometown advantage, though.</p>

<p>Whooaahhh. Westsidewolf1989, judging by your username, you wouldn't happen to live in Houston would you?</p>

<p>nah although i've been asked that b4 on CC. I dont go to Houston Westside (although i have a friend that does), i live in a dallas suburb.</p>

<p>Haha well woooow anyway. I go to the one in Houston so I probably know your friend.</p>

<p>Oh you go to THAT West...eew.</p>

<p>Just's just a Jesuit aversion to anything Plano.</p>

<p>But UT won against OSU today so we are Big 12 regular season co-champs with KU and have the #1 seed for the conference tourney because of our head-to-head win.</p>

<p>I watched that game! It was pretty exciting.</p>

<p>thanks theloneranger. Unfortuantely jesuit got put in all the plano schools and allen's football district next year, so they will see firsthand why no one in the dallas area wants to be in the same athletic district as plano and allen. I'm graduating this year, so unfortunately i wont be able to see it firsthand. but jesuit's cool, i've got a couple friends that went there that would have gone to west.</p>

<p>Yeah I am so glad I will not be there to witness it. It will be chaotic. We will maybe make the playoffs, but it isn't going to be easy.</p>

<p>At least I will actually get to watch good football this fall!</p>

<p>tru that... ut should be good...hopefully colt will come into his own this fall.</p>