<p>Okay, it doesn't really matter ultimately but, not knowing that much about UMich yet, I was wondering today why schools like Indiana, Wisconsin etc. and so others were in the NCAA Tournament, and a school like Michigan with its football record and history isn't.</p>

<p>So I began looking into it and found on one UMich site that:</p>

<p>"Due to NCAA sanctions, the University of Michigan has vacated the records from the 1992 Final Four, the 1992/93, 95/96, 96/97, 97/98 and 98/99 seasons. Games affected are: 170 total games, 113-57 overall games, 50-36 Big Ten, 7-4 NCAA, 5-0 NIT and 4-1 Big Ten Tournament. It also reflects vacating the 1992 Final Four appearance; the 19997 NIT Championship; 1993, 1996 and 1998 NCAA tournament appearances; and the 1998 Big Ten Tournament championship."</p>

<p>And then an article from 2002 detailing the University's conclusion of the Ed Martin investigation and the self imposition of the above and other sanctions.</p>

<p>Those of you who know more about UMich and you think Michigan's program will return anytime soon to that level?</p>

<p>I don't know if it will return to the level it was at during the Fab 5 era (it's hard to get 3 NBA lottery picks to commit to a single college program these days..unless you are UNC). However, I do think Michigan will be competing in the NCAA tournement in 2-3 seasons. The only thing that worries me is coach B's inability to recruit top ranked athletes. His coaching and his system might get us to a couple of sweet 16s and MAYBE even a rare Final Four apprearance, but I don't think UM can ever be elite with this kind of recruiting. Basically our level of recruiting is similar to that of MSU's football recruiting.</p>

<p>If Michigan does make the NCAA tourney (highly unlikely in the next 2-3 years due to the strength of other teams in big 10), I would expect a 1st or 2nd round exit at best. </p>

<p>Maybe once all the Amaker era players leave the program, Coach B can recruit based on the needs of his own system. But even with that, I wouldn't even have thoughts about a final 4 in the next 6-7 years.</p>