Bates Chances

<p>Hey everyone. I finally figured out how to post- (I want to thank everyone who told me how- I actually had to re-register.) If I apply to Bates it will be EDII and am wondering what you people think my chances are.
Here are my stats
Rank: 11/520 (top 2%)
Average: 94.41 weighted average: 99.86
All Honors/APs 5 APS
senior year schedule- AP English Lit, AP Calc, AP Bio, AP Polysci, Romance Philology (Independent study course which concerns the evolution of language), Art
AP spanish didn’t fit in my schedule and the school actually said that lack of language senior year can actually hurt you in admissions- was anyone else who was accepted in this situation?)
AIDS/HIV prevention education group
Student teacher of spanish to elementary school
Varsity Tennis
Founder and President of a Club
National Honor Society
Curriculum coordinator of student teaching program
Piano Recitals at Nursing Home
Summer study abroad in Spain
Student ambassador in Australia
I haven’t excelled nationally in my ec’s but am quite devoted to all of them. Does anyone know if Bowdoin is looking for someone who has really achieved at a high level in their activities? Do you think my activies are sufficient?
National English Academy Award
High school achievement awards in history, science, and spanish
National Honor Roll
Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors
My essays are good and quite unique (I assume) and my recs seem good.
I’ve interviewed and I thought it went well.
I’m not submitting Standardized Tests and everyone says that won’t hurt me. I’m just wondering if you may need to compensate for this anywhere else in your application.
And does it help to submit writing samples to Bates? Should samples be analytical or creative?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I'd say you definitely have a pretty good chance! Your EC's are fine- you have a lot of them and seem dedicated to them; I really wouldn't worry about national achievement in them. I submitted both an analytic paper and some creative writing as supp material. I'm not submitting SATs either, but hopefully it won't hurt us-- your rank and GPA will definitely make up for them, anyway! I'm curious to know how many of us are EDIIers out there and what the ED admit rate is going to be this year. I can't wait to see the EDI acceptances on here next week (although it'll probably just be discouraging).
Good luck, I think your chances are great! Hope both us get in!
PS- I play varsity tennis too, though I certainly won't be playing in anything more competitive than club/IM next year. :-)</p>

<p>I appreciate your positive comments morningview! We seem similar in some ways- No SATs, Tennis. I have my interview tomorrow- so hopefully that will go well. I'm actually applying to another school EDI, but I have a feeling I won't get in. I have a much better feeling for Bates though, and am starting to wish that I chose Bates for EDI. Hopefully, the EDII rates won't be too discouraging, but I think we both stand a good chance. I'll tell if you whether or not I get in to Bates ED II and if we both get in- we can probably meet up during accepted students day if there is such a thing. If you don't get into Bates for EDII what are schools are you applying to?</p>

<p>My other top choices are BC and Holy Cross-- not Bates-like schools, at all, I know- I liked Bowdoin, but figured it was way out of reach and Colby seemed too far North and remote. As for the other NE LACs... way out of reach as well; my SAT math score kinda killed me. I also applied to BU, Providence, and Wheaton. I'll be hearing EA from BC and Providence this week, though I don't expect to get accepted at BC.
Where else are you applying? Where'd you apply ED?</p>

<p>I'm applying to Wheaton too! I think you have a great shot at BC. I applied to Bowdoin early decision I - but am getting more and more depressed each day when I think about their early acceptance rate (30 percent) I think you'd have a good shot at Bowdoin but since you like Bates more you definitely made the right choice. If I don't get into Bowdoin I'm doing Bates EDII. I love both schools and it's really hard to distinguish between the two-I had a college counselor who really thought Bowdoin would be a great school for me, so I went with her. I can sympathize with you over the SATs. (Who needs math in liberal arts anyway...) I, too, am a strong student and it's ashame one test has to limit our options. Luckily, there are schools like Bates and Bowdoin out there who make the tests optional. Other schools I applied to were Connecticut College, Colby, Brandeis, and Franklin and Marshall. Colby is quite far, but the campus is the nicest I've ever seen (Bates and Bowdoin are the next on that list.) Good luck with BC and before you know it we'll see the EDI stats for Bates!</p>

<p>Well, I was deferred from Bowdoin. So that means I'm applying ED II to Bates! I personally think I didn't get into Bowdoin because I didn't submit SATs. I was a strong student, had good essays, recs, but maybe not the best ec's. I just don't think my points accumulated enough. You definitely made the right choice to apply to Bates Early Morningview- it seems they don't care as much about SATs. Although, Bowdoin said they don't care about SATs and I'm not sure if they were telling the truth. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck morningview and I think your an incredibly qualified applicant and will thrive at any college you wind up at. Hope to see you at Bates!</p>

<p>I'm really sorry about Bowdoin! Don't take it personally- Bowdoin is just an insanely selective school and I've read that even their early decision pool is extremely competitive. Good luck with Bates- I really think you have a good chance. I too am hoping that not submitting SATs won't hurt us. I sent in my AP scores instead, but obviously those don't really compensate for them. I get the impression as well- and I hope it's true- that Bates focuses less, comparatively speaking to Bowdoin, on standardized scores and more on other facets of academic ability. Let's hope for the best!!</p>

<p>Thanks for your kind comments Morningview! Well- it's been about 5 hours since I found out and I am on the way to recovery. You really made me feel better. Unfotunately, Bowdoin kind of lured me in, but you were wise enough to apply to early a school that has a somewhat decent acceptance rate (even though you would have had a very good shot at Bowdoin) I think I remember that you got 5's on AP tests which is quite impressive. I only took one so far and got a 4. It's good that you've heard Bates doesn't place as much emphasis on SATS. I'd be just as thrilled to get into Bates. Also, what happened with BC and Providence. I'd be quite surprised if they both didn't accept you. Well, I'll write to you again soon and definitely keeped you posted once I find out from Bates. Good luck!</p>