Bates College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Bates College is November 15.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!


Hope applications are going well!

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Based on previous years, we had speculated that Saturday, the 10th, would be the release date. Still haven’t received any info regarding this. Anyone hearing anything?

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I’d been speculating the same, but haven’t heard anything either.

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Just got the email – tomorrow by noon ET! Good luck to all!

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Best of luck

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Good luck to everyone!

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My daughter was deferred today but is still remaining hopeful. Any advice is appreciated.

FYI: her Sister is currently at Bates and loves it. It is what she hoped it would be. Both girls were hooked on there tour!

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If it’s her top choice, she should send a brief email stating that. She should include most recent grades or any other noteworthy achievements/updates. Even something like having a summer job lined up could be included. If she is full pay, I see no harm in adding a line such as “I am not applying for financial aid.”

I recommend no more than one or two emails before March decisions. Maybe send an email right after the holidays or towards the end of January latest. If she is waiting on something, such as a competitive outside scholarship , award, etc…she can state that she is a semi finalist, etc… (or something to indicate she is the running for something) and is awaiting notification. Best of luck!


I just found this website and it is terrific!
My child applied ED1 and was deferred. We were shocked because her
application was “supported” by a school coach. She is still hoping to get in
off of the deferred/wait list but that is a long time from now.

Do you have any insight on the chances of an ED1 student getting in
vs. an ED2 student? (of course, the number of spots will dictate the chance
she may have)
Do you have any insight on the numbers taken off the deferred/wait list from the
Fall of 2022?

Thank you so much

An ED1 student probably has a better shot than an ED2 student.

Last year, 2 students were admitted off waitlist. The year before, 4 were admitted. And for the 2019-2020 cycle, 42 were admitted, but that was the year of Covid. For 2018-2019, zero were admitted. Numbers can vary widely from year to year.

All the best for your daughter, hope she gets in.

Edit: Let me qualify that by saying that it probably does depend in large part on who applies that fulfills their institutional needs. Maybe they still have to assess how many athletes need to be admitted.

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Wondering if anyone else whose child applied ED has not yet received a decision? Concerned that others have heard but our daughter has not.

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That is odd. I assume you’ve checked spam folders?

She checked the portal directly.

Hmmm. I’d ask her to call the admissions office tomorrow first thing, and send an email to the admissions officer in charge of her region and the general admissions email. Is it possible she missed an email saying there’s something she forgot to submit with her application?

What did her portal say? Is it possible she forgot to indicate she was applying ED on her common app? She could check the common app to see @Jaytow .

She definitely applied ED, as we had to sign something electronically when she did. I know some schools release on a staggered basis, so I wondered if Bates did that as well or if they release all ED decisions on the same date. But I’ll ask her to check the portal to see if something else is missing.

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Note that these represent distincty different groups.

Regarding the deferred pool, they may be accepted at a rate greater than that for RD applicants. In principle, they can receive waitlist offers as well.

Did her guidance counselor also submit the documentation to indicate ED? I have never heard of Bates releasing ED decisions in waves, and I can’t imagine they would do so.

What does her portal actually say? Does it indicate that anything is missing?

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@Jaytow one way to verify the counselor ED agreement is in the Common App. My D23 applied to a different school ED. In the college’s portal, I just see that my daughter’s early decision agreement (that she herself signed) was accepted the same day everything else was, but there is no line item in the portal specifically for the Counselor ED agreement nor for the Parent ED agreement (nothing to check off in the portal; nothing beside which there would be an “x” to indicate it is missing).

However, in the Common App, under Recommenders and FERPA, I can see that both the Parent ED agreement and the Counselor ED agreement were completed (and the date on which they were done). Hopefully if you check there, you will get some peace of mind about that step having been completed. Hope it works out!