Bates College economics?

<p>is bates economics well known and/or respected? would i get a well paying job right out of undergrad fairly easily?</p>

<p>Here are two links that should provide the information you are looking for. The first is the homepage of the Bates College Economics Department, with a link to the academic program (including major and minor requirements). The second is an article that was posted to the Bates website discussing the department's ranking among liberal arts colleges (second in the country). I hope you find these pages useful. </p>

<p>As a Batesie, I can tell you that the economics department is one of the strongest departments and one of the most popular majors. This past year (the class of 2010) it was one of the top three most popular majors, along with psychology and politics. </p>

<p>Bates</a> College | Economics at Bates</p>

<p>BatesNow</a> | Oct. 25, 2001 | Bates economics department ranked at top of leading liberal arts colleges</p>