Bates College Freshman Admissions Fall 2022

I think decisions came out roughly this time last year. Has anyone heard when decisions are due this March?

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i haven’t, no

based on last years decisions should be this saturday, 3/12. any ideas?

that’d be amazing

Yes - I heard from someone in the know that it’s 3/12.

They sent an email. Decisions available 3/12 “by noon ET”.


Does anyone know if they or any of the NESCA send a letter that you are accepted in advance of the decision day?

I’ve heard some schools do this :slight_smile:

Rookie parent


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My daughter just got an email. Release date 3/12.

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Few more hours of agony…

They came out at 8 am EST last year, so hopefully only 20 more minutes!

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I got waitlisted. Not super bummed cuz I didn’t love Lewiston.


are decisions out yet? nothing on my portal


I got in!!!


Congratulations! Just checked to see if you had posted stats and noticed you were admitted to NYU ED2. Your application to Regular Decision schools should have been withdrawn (unless you have already declined NYU)?

waitlisted :()

Waitlisted international asking for full aid

DS22 - Accepted
4.0 UW GPA - usual honors and APs - school does not rank
1570 SAT (one sitting 790M/780V)
Accomplished musician (played national venues - NY, Chi, etc)
NHS officer etc
Varsity athlete
Top public HS outside of NYC.

(edit - He did interview with a local member of the alumni community)