Bates College Freshman Admissions Fall 2022

Applying to Bates for Fall admission 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.


DS22 applied to Bates. We just went up for a visit. It poured the whole time we were there, so a little difficult to get a sense. Campus looked very nice. I was not a fan of the town. Too many empty, boarded up stores. He is considering changing his application to ED for one of the schools and was hoping the visit would make the decision. Unfortunately, it didn’t. He’s pretty outdoorsy and down to earth, so Bates sounded like a good fit. Also considering Middlebury or Hobart/William Smith.


This thread will give you much more insight to Lewiston. The Horrible Misconception about Lewiston

I suspect like many places across the country over the last year, the town has suffered economically. Bates kids seem to take it in stride and the thread will give you an insight as to why.


My D applied ED1 to Bates.

-4.0 unweighted GPA
-Took most of the AP/honors classes available
-test optional
-Varsity athlete in 2 sports
-Significant involvement in theater
-aunt and uncle went to Bates, so sort of legacy
-will do intercollegiate sports at Bates if accepted and has coach support, but not one of the slots that are basically a guarantee of admission; got a green light at the pre-read
-needs financial aid

Worried that financial aid will be her downfall. Or that they won’t like her essay (even though I think it is strong). Or who knows what else. Christmas is going to either be extra joyful or depressing and dismal this year.

Good luck to everyone who applied!


My D applied ED1 to Bates. We visited in late October and my husband, D and I all fell in love with it!

  • 3.83 unweighted GPA
  • 33 ACT
  • Many honors, dual credit and AP courses
  • Class president
  • 3 varsity sports / captain of two
  • Spent 6 weeks of junior year attending high school in Poland
  • Currently taking part in the TREK gap year program at YMCA of the Rockies in Colorado.
  • Her essay will either make it or break it for her. It’s definitely a little whack, but it lets her personality shine.
  • She sent a supplemental file of some of her creative writing.

We are from a midwestern state so we are crossing our fingers that our location gives her chances a little boost.

She is very outdoorsy, (too) adventurous, outgoing and down to earth. Jumping in icy water in January is right up her ally! It seems as if Bates students are the kind of people she is looking for, so as fuzziwig said above…”Christmas is going to be either extra joyful or depressing and dismal this year”. Let’s hope we can celebrate together!

@Lindagaf Thanks for all of the information about Bates that you have posted on CC. You have been super helpful!


I hope both our daughters get into Bates. Maybe they will even become friends there! I meant to mention above that we are from a western state, and also hope that helps a little. Did you apply for financial aid? I do worry about the impact that will have. :frowning:


We did not apply for financial aid. Obviously that won’t hurt her, but I don’t know that it helps either. I know that my D absolutely does not want that to affect her chances of getting in. The two big things that worry us are her GPA and the very low acceptance rate.

If they both get in, we will briefly become helicopter moms and force them to become best friends!