Bates or Trinity!?

<p>I can't decide between the two! what should I do ?</p>

<p>Bates all the way man! There is no competition! Trust me. Bates is far more competitive, with excellent academics and superb study abroad programs. They have everything and anything one can ask for. Trinity is good but it doesnt stand out in any way. </p>

<p>Bates has sooo many things going for it. The foundations on which it was built upon; the culture and traditions of the place; the beautiful campus; the close knit community; the competitiveness; the excellent opportunities that await you after your bachelors. Bates man! Dont be confused..:)</p>

<p>go to Bates, Hartford seriously sucks and its really dangerous. Plus academically there really isnt a comparison...</p>

<p>sara306- do you go to bates or trinity?</p>

<p>nope (Im going to Smith next year), but have friends at bates and know gradutaes of--they absolutely loved it. Also, i live very close to hartford... its really down (and unsafe), i think if you lived there youd make the best of it, and im not trying to be pessimistic ab trinity, becasue it is a good school, but not as great as bates. Ive heard a mix of reviews ab trinity, but so far nothing bad ab bates....either way youll be going to a great school Good Luck!!!!</p>