Bay Area Transfers

<p>I was just wondering how many of us Bay Area students are on here, and what ur top choices school is and the majore u applied for at it.</p>

<p>for me is UC Berkeley - Environmental Economics and Policy.</p>

<p>I'm from the Bay.</p>

<p>UCLA - Economics</p>

<p>Redwood city
UC Berkeley-Political Economics
(I would be very happy with either one)</p>

<p>Hayward, CA here</p>

<p>UCLA - History but a part of me wants to stay close to the bay as well so I applied to Berkeley for the hell of it.</p>

<p>UCB for business + economics
UCLA for economics
UCSD for biology + economics</p>

<p>Burlingame, CA.</p>

<p>Philosophy - Berkeley
Psychology - UCLA/Davis
Human Development - UCSD</p>

<p>This is extremely random, but I'm enraged at my Sociology professor right now. I did all of the homework...and went way above and beyond, attended every day of class, did 2 presentations when we only had to do 1, volunteered at this haunted house for 2 days when I only had to do one, and helped another student type up class notes all semester....not to mention I wrote an 11 page autobiography paper for my final.</p>

<p>Alas, my grade is a B. Does anyone have any experience contesting a grade or has been successful? I'm positive I should have received an A in this class. My GPA will fall from 3.57 to 3.51 if this grade remains. Considering I would have already been fairly borderline for UCB and UCLA, this really hurts me. Any help would be great :).</p>

<p>btw I go to College of San Mateo.</p>

<p>just bring up all the stuff u brought up here, and ask to see the grade sheet, and see if u can find any errors. Also call him professor when ur taking to him, its a big ego boost for CC teachers. </p>

<p>its hard to believe only 6 ppl on here are from the Bay Area...cmonnnnn</p>

<p>soCAL here.</p>

<p>lol I actually call him doctor. He has a phD from Stanford. He's one of those highly intelligent and unorganized professors that care about what they're teaching, but are so unorganized that he probably lost a paper or two of mine.</p>

<p>I have all of my papers e-mailed to myself, so I can prove that I did the work on time by the dates on my e-mails hopefully. Sorry to vent on you all, I just am so frustrated. Way to put a damper on my Christmas, doctor C. :/.</p>

<p>San Francisco- ccsf and skyline</p>

<p>top choice- biz Econ for ucla
2nd choice Cal for Econ
I also applied to Davis, SD, and Irvine</p>

<p>LOL, well im sure you can talk ur way to an A. Im still ****ed about one of my teachers who STILL hasnt posted my grades, and that class ended Dec 11th, w-tfffffff</p>

<p>Man that's not that bad for Ccsf grades aren't posted online until jan 5th even if professors have turned in grades.</p>

<p>Ahh that's horrible. I know what you mean, the wait for grades is agonizing. I had 6 classes this semester and had 5/6 grades until today. 5 A's....1 B today. It's sick.</p>

<p>my CC is the worst. it takes them at least 3 weeks to post grades. ima have to just email all my professors for my grades if i want them before the 2nd wk of jan</p>

<p>^yeah that's what I always do but I hate it still as it's not official posted.</p>

<p>Santa Clara
Poli Sci

<p>i guess ur tryna stay in norcal huh superstar0? me too, berkeley all the wayy!!</p>

<p>I was thinking of applying to Santa Clara too, but i don't think I can afford it or if I really want to go there.</p>

<p>from san jose attending foothill and de anza
ucb - south & southeast asian studies
ucla - southeast asian studies</p>

<p>@Dam Its Johnny> I'm feeling it too. I just graduated from Cal (history)... all my grades are in, except one class. This one class will determine if I get summa or magna cum laude. I don't think any more grades will post until Jan. 7. It's quite annoying.</p>