Baylor 2 Medical Track Program

Has anyone been accepted into the next round of finalists for the B2B Medical Track?! (They said they would release acceptances by or before 12/13)

DD contacted the admin office and was told that this year Baylor received a lot of qualified applicants for the B2B, and the decision will be sent out on 12/13.

Can accepted students please post stats, experiences, or anything that could have contributed to their acceptance for the interview? I am very interested in this program.

I was accepted yesterday for the program. It is one of the harder ones to get into since it is a two-step process. I am not gonna post stats or specifics about me to preserve my privacy, but can answer questions about the program or the process.

Three questions:

Did you volunteer in a hospital before applying? If not, how did you demonstrate interest in medicine/medical school?

What do you think distinguished you from the other candidates? Race, awards, interview, essay, etc.

Can you receive a full-tuition scholarship for undergrad with the Baylor2 program?

I did volunteer at a hospital. Find opportunities to explore your interests in medicine (shadowing, etc)

I had a good essay and my interviews went well. Have a teacher or a mentor help you with your essay(s). I had genuine experiences and observations about healthcare.

No, but there are good scholarships offered by Baylor based on academic and other factors.

Now I’m torn between applying for Baylor2 or getting a full undergrad scholarship to Baylor.

I mean, Baylor if you’re watching, please give me either. I hate Connecticut. Please. Baylor. Please give me a full scholarship.

I think that worked and I will be expecting a call from Baylor sometime in the next few days.

Hi… can you please explain the process of interview and how many are selected in first round?

Thank you!! I went through this link but it doesn’t have much information on the process… I am scheduled for interview with admissions officer and faculty session in January and I have no idea what to expect and how to prepare myself. If you could give me some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

can anyone provide more information about interview process?

Did anyone hear from Baylor about B2B interview?

My son did. We’re not sure what to expect

He got an interview or he got invited to attend the session at the end of this month?

When did he get it?

Is this for a group discussion or an interview with Baylor medical school?

Is this a session or an interview?

We heard in mid-Dec. I believe its several interviews / session - all day event. We’re waiting on details as well