Baylor 2 Medicine Round 2 Interview

Any past students or those with experience know the format of the Baylor interview this month (January)? I thought it was a traditional interview, but seeing past posts it seems like it is not and there is an additional interview afterwards? Anyone have any knowledge on this? Thanks.

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We’re wondering the same

So you were invited to attend the B2B event at the end of January or did you attend the B2B event in November and you are going for a second interview this month?

Jan end. Theres no second interview

I am a Round 2 applicant so this is the first interview, sorry for the confusion.

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Thank you for the clarification. Best of luck at your event. My son was part of the Round 1 event and it was virtual, so I can’t really help with advice on how your event will work. He did really enjoy his event and thought it was very interesting.


Thanks! Best of luck at your event!

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Has anyone heard back from Round 1?