Baylor Bioinformatics

How hard is the Baylor Bioinformatics program? Son wants to do Bioinformatics on the pre-med track and we are wondering about the course load.

I recently met a National Merit Scholar from my neighborhood who went to Baylor for this major. He was very happy with the opportunities offered to them by their department and by Baylor’s pre-Med track. He will be attending medical school in Houston at Baylor Medicine and his roommate at UTSW.

My son also is interested in the BioInformatics field, he got into Baylor. It would be great if we could talk to someone and understand how the research and internship oppurtunities.

@spacefighter @PadmaK @Riversider Hi guys, I’m an incoming freshman to Baylor and would love to talk to y’all more about bioinformatics and premed. Can you please reply if you are free