Baylor Class of 2024 Decisions

Has anyone heard back? Who is committed? When will the rest be notified?

I was just accepted to Baylor off of the waitlist from the early action group. However, my cost calculator show that I probably can’t afford it without a bunch of student loans.??‍♀️

I was accepted with a scholarship!

Have not heard back yet!

I was accepted with a scholarship.

just got waitlisted.
4.4 gpa
26 act.
hoping for the best, i did not submit my test scores until like 2 days ago lol
committing to gonzaga in the meantime.

I have same stats and got waitlisted too.

I’m sorry but I’m a first generation student(which is new to the college apps and whatnot) that is going to enter college, but is class of 2024 to me seems like the 8th grade class or do you mean the class that will enroll to a graduate class?

@Heman6720 - Class of 2024 refers to graduation from college if starting this Fall assuming it’ll take 4 years.

Baylor is such an awesome school! I loved my tour and my admissions counselor has been so friendly–however I will not be attending due to the distance from home and the coronavirus crisis.

I’m a junior and will be applying next year.

Did anyone receive full-tuition scholarships (merit based)? I know about Invitation to Excellence, but what statistics do they use to decide who receives full tuition scholarships.

4.3 GPA (W)
3.85 GPA (UW)
9 AP Classes
1460 SAT (taking it one more time to get above 1500)
1500 PSAT

I received the Invitation to Excellence scholarship, and in my experience, test scores/grades only count for making it to the event itself. Once you get there, it’s really about differentiating yourself from the other people in your major and making a connection with the faculty members you meet.

When do you need to accept BIC by? I heard they have a limited class

Will you be a national merit scholar? If so, you’ll get a full tuition. The site has a calculator where you can enter your grade and test scores…I’m guessing half tuition for sure and your psat seems high…depending on state you may have national merit