Baylor Honors College?

This discussion is mainly directed towards those currently or previously enrolled in Baylor’s Honors College, but any advice is wholeheartedly welcome!

I’m pretty much your typical straight-A student with exceptional stats, who’s no stranger to hard work when it comes to academics. I was accepted to Baylor as a biology major (since I’m pursuing the pre-med track), and was awarded the President’s Gold Scholarship right off the bat.

Needless to say, I’ve been an honors kid my whole academic life, so it makes sense that I’d want to apply to the Honors College. My application is practically done, I’ve just been procrastinating on pressing the “submit” button.

That being said, I need y’all’s honest-to-God opinions on whether or not the honors program is a good idea. I’ve heard all the good (such as the enriching lessons) and bad (like GPA suicide) sides to it, but those mostly came from people who weren’t in an honors program themselves, and told me their idealized versions of it.

So, people-with-experience-who-know-what-they’re-talking-about: what were y’all’s (or your family member’s) experiences with your respective university’s honors program? Thoughts? Opinions? Warnings?

Note: Yes, I’m aware that everyone’s experiences are different and really depend on the person and university. I’m just trying to get a feel for what the general consensus is regarding a typical honors program.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Every student learns differently so obviously no program is perfect for everyone. Go for it and if it doesn’t suit you or your graduation plans, you should be able drop it once semester ends.

My daughter who is a pre med sophomore was told this advice by a very wise, well known Bio prof at Baylor: Do it if you have the honest, true passion for it. It’s definitely not needed to get into med school. If you aren’t in honors for the passion and joy of it - it will probably become a nuisance as you prepare for the MCAT and contemplate items to be involved in to put on your med school apps. It may take time away from classes very important to the MCAT. If you have a passion for the honors curriculum, it can serve as a needed break and release from all of the science. Everyone is different. I hope this helps.

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This perspective really gave me something to think about, so thank you!


Definitely. There’s still time left for my application, but I think I’m just gonna go for it like you suggested. Thank you!

Another recommendation from a parent of current pre-med Junior Honor’s college student (University Scholar’s program as well, if that interests you). GPA has not been an issue at all for my daughter, but the workload of the honors curriculum is not joke, and the grading for writing was tough. She had one professor that seemed to never give higher than an A- on essays, even when there were no negative comments. However, it has been very enriching for her, and she wouldn’t do it any other way. In addition, the community of living in the Honor’s dorm for the first two years was excellent. Good luck and God bless!

How long does it typically take to get an answer on Honors College admission after submitting the application?

Generally, not too long to get an answer on Honors College admission from what I remember @BeksTexas I personally remember it being under a month, but I think it depends on when you apply. As someone currently finishing my freshman year at Baylor in the Honors College, I thought I could add my thoughts to this page. I’m a Business Fellows Major on the pre-med track with a biochem and french minor and live in the honors college dorm in addition to being an honors student. I didn’t expect to go to Baylor, much less to fall in love with it the way I have. I definitely had the Honors or not Honors debate when choosing classes to try and register for next year and got some really good insight. Don’t over complicate it. Do you want to be honors? (Not for status or for your parents or for some seemingly marginal if existent advantage after you graduate)! I love the community that Honors has given me in other resources to learn outside the classroom and the events involved with being the HRC. As a Business Fellow, I already have to do a thesis so it doesn’t change much for me coursework wise beyond taking a couple extra courses called Great Texts. Ironically, being Honors has more aided my development as a person than as a student thus far. Grades are just the bottom layer for most of the Honors kids who enjoy it the most. We care about them, sure, but that’s just the bottom layer.

Hey guys! I got accepted into Honors and BIC recently. Now, after researching the University Scholars program, I really love it and want to be a part of it. How can I apply to it after being admitted already to these two programs? I didn’t initially apply to it in my honors application.

My D got into honor college, where can i have some information about the Dorm for honor college?

Their website has a ton of great information:

You may also find some good videos on Youtube

Thanks. Do you know when is the move in date( we may choose the memorial hall dorm)? Also, are there any targets near the campus? We are coming from out of Texas, need to buy some items for moving.

I think Move2BU is around Aug 18-20. I believe the exact date will depend on what residential community you are approved to.
As far as I’m aware, Waco has a Target, a Bed, Bath & Beyond, and three Walmarts so there will be plenty of places to buy things in Waco if you’re coming from OOS. And I believe Baylor also organises shuttles to Walmart every Tuesday in case there’s anything you forget to buy prior to move-in.

can you give me advice for the meal plan choic?