Baylor or Fordham for Econ/Math?

<p>S is thinking of majoring in Economics (or Economics/Math which Fordham offers). Any opinions on relative strengths of programs? Career prospects? Fordham is a car ride away and Baylor is not, so right now, Fordham has the upper hand but we want to be sure he makes the right choice.</p>

<p>Fordham. A “program” or “major” is important.</p>

<p>Would your student prefer New York or Texas? Big city or the Baylor bubble and Waco? They are very different climates. Also, I believe Fordham is Jesuit and Baylor Southern Baptist does that make a difference to your student? Have you looked at the core curriculum requirements at each school and does one match your students interests or AP credits better? Baylor requires 2 semesters of religion, 3 science classes, 2 chapel and 4 PE credits I believe. They also require a constitutional gov’t class. I don’t know anything about Fordham’s core, sorry. But, it might influence your student. Baylor does have the great H. Business school, and the fellows program there and I assume Econ would be in it. Also, what type of economics is your student interested in? Is he Keynsian based, Austrian based? From what major school of economics does each school’s philosophy follow? These are just some questions that might help clarify your choice. I have not been to Fordham, but Baylor has a gorgeous campus. You can check out their virual tours online there are four of them. Also, Baylor has an active Catholic parish adjacent to campus if you are interested. Sounds like you have two great choices? How does the aid package compare? Interested in Honors programs, have you checked those out? Just ideas, keep us posted.</p>