baylor squared program

<p>Hey did anyone hear back from baylor squared program?
I haven't and I know that they hand out invitations from the first week of December... I am getting worried and I wanted to know:(</p>

<p>They have not sent those out yet.</p>

<p>really?? I thought they handed out the invitations in December and did the interview on Jan 25th (according to their website)</p>

<p>My D did not apply but I know another student who did and has interviews scheduled.</p>

<p>anyone else go for interviews other than me?</p>

<p>Tell us about it please! Hope it went well.</p>

<p>I thought Baylor interviews for both Baylor and Rice are done in April?</p>

<p>Baylor</a> University || Prehealth Programs || Baylor<sup>2</sup> Medical Track</p>

<p>Baylor University interviews were last week to short list candidates for Baylor college of medicine.</p>

<p>Timeline for Baylor2 Medical Track Program</p>

<p>November 1 - Deadline for submitting application file to Baylor University.
December - Qualified students emailed invitation to apply to the program
January 25, 2013 - Interviews at Baylor University
Mid-February - Selected students notified about the next round of interviews conducted by Baylor College of Medicine
Next steps of the process will be determined by Baylor College of Medicine</p>

<p>Interview at Baylor was very decent. We all dressed in business professional (suits and dresses) and had 20 minute interviews. Some students had regular admissions counselors and even a business professor as their interviewer but others had actual science professors (toxicology, anatomy, etc.). People had different experiences. Some got asked questions about extra-curriculars and favorite subjects while others had VERY serious interviews involving medical history, motivations for choosing medicine, experience with research and medical field, etc. At lunch, they had a mixer with current Baylor Squared students which was a great experience. They do a lot to pitch Baylor as a school (even if you don't get the Bsquared seat). They take you on campus tour, financial aid session, Baylor premed session with Dr. Sanker. All together, there were a 118 students who came for interviews and they will end up selecting 15 for the next round at BCM.</p>

<p>Best of luck Amodeum!</p>

<p>I was at the interview too! Any idea when they're going to let us know about the 2nd interview?</p>

<p>They said mid-February so I'm just hoping its sooner than later.</p>

<p>Arghhh I can't wait anymore!!! Why does it take so long?</p>

<p>Same here. xD</p>

<p>My daughter just got an email saying she is invited for the 2nd round interview. Does anyone know what this interview will be like? What the medical school wants (vs. what Baylor was looking for)? Is it true only 15 are invited for the 4 spots? It is an expensive trip for us and we have already visited Baylor twice, so curious if they are open minded or have pre-set ideas.</p>

<p>@Amodeum - I didn't get anything today so I'm assuming that means that I didn't get a second interview.... :( this was my dream program and one of the only directs I applied to so it kinda sucks... Also, I can't respond to PMs yet because I haven't used CC that much...but if you PM me your email address I can send you an email :)</p>

<p>Would anyone by chance have the application for this program?</p>

<p>It doesn't seem like there's much information so I'll write my experiences. I applied as a senior two years ago. The first round had a huge number of applicants. I interviewed with a lady, and I didn't really know what she thought of me. She ended it short, I thought. Then, I got accepted to the second round, which was exciting. There were only 12-14 students, and of course they only pick FOUR. Sigh. We had a tour of the school, and interviewed with two doctors. I think I did well on the first, but the second, I didn't do very well. I ultimately got rejected. My stats were good, which I think got me into the second round. Good luck to future applicants!</p>

<p>@kokome1, My daughter will be at Baylor for the 1st round interview this Friday (1/31). Interview questions may be varied. But could you let me know what kind of question were asked ?</p>

<p>My daughter is in the B2B program currently. In the first round there are many different people interviewing as there are so many participants. I don't think that there are any set questions, so the interviews do vary, and some of the interviewers are better at asking meaningful questions than others. The interviewers do already have the students resume, so they know the basics about them already. My daughter was asked about her motivations for wanting to go into medicine, why she was sure she wanted to be a doctor. Why she wanted to go to Baylor.She wasn't asked about things that were on her resume. In her answers she brought up the things she thought were important from her experiences (also on her resume). You have to be prepared to get in what you want them to know about you. The interview was shorter than she expected, and she felt it went fine, but nothing special. Some people were asked about their research or patient contact experiences so if you don't have any be prepared with a positive answer. Some were asked current happenings in science. </p>