Baylor University HSSSRP!!

<p>Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today! Anyone else accepted?</p>

<p>anyone?? 10char</p>

<p>Did you get it through mail or e-mail?</p>

<p>I got in the mail, no email notification.</p>

<p>My son got accepted too. He got a letter last Friday. He had to call them to confirm his acceptance to the program because they did not attach any form for confirmation. They told him that there were 130 applicants and they accepted 10 this year. I am very surprised to find out that this program is not as popular as other ones that I found on CC. It would be nice to know about the students that had gone through this program before. Was it interesting and fun?</p>

<p>It's probably not as popular because it's a short program and also its startdate is too early for most northeast/midatlantic schools...some don't get out until the last week of june</p>

<p>has anyone on CC been through this program before? any input on past experiences would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>anybody?? :) advice, input, thoughts, suggestions! is this a good program, compared to Garcia MSREC and UF-SSTP?</p>

<p>hi, i was able to contact to 2 summer Baylor students of 2009. I like to share what they said about the program:</p>

<p>"If your son has no other plans for the summer, I would have him do the program. I had a couple college essay questions asking about what I did over the summer so I think it's really good to have an experience like this to talk about. I knew going in to the program that I was not going to be working on a project of my choosing. After some deliberation my mom told me that even if I don't understand what I will be working on, I will have a great experience so I decided to go. And she was right. I didn't enjoy so much what I was working on but I had an awesome experience. I got to see a small glimpse of what college was like before actually getting there. About the cost: I looked at attending many different summer programs and the program at Baylor was the cheapest. Food and room and board are included plus the college credit. If I remember correctly it was about $80 when I went. Overall, I definitely felt like it was worth my time and money. I was able to put this experience on my resume and it looks great. It helped me get in to a research lab in college and has been beneficial in applying for internships. I hope this was helpful! "</p>

<p>"If you son doesn't have any other summer plans or programs, HSSSRP would be a good choice, so that he has something fun and educational to do. Since he seems to be considering the sciences, doing research at Baylor would definitely help him get a feel for whether research specifically is something he enjoys. I'm not sure if he's had any experience with a research program before, but basically, he would be working in a lab with graduate students to help supplement their research and get insight on what sort of work scientists do. If you go to the Baylor HSSSRP website, they have abstracts and/or papers of what previous participants did, which would give you an idea of some of the things students learned. Of course, there is the presentation everyone has to do at the end of the program as well. </p>

<p>The Baylor program is small, ten people I think, and so he'd also get to meet some new people from different schools and get to know them well. Other than the research, staying at Baylor over the summer gave me a preview of what college life was like so that was pretty fun, and if your son's never done any sort of summer program/camps before, it's a good experience just to live on his own on a college campus. "</p>

<p>thanks for the info yellowB! I wonder why they both said to only do HSSSRP if he has no other plans for summer; they almost make it seem like its a last resort for summer plans. I didn't know that we'd be supplementing research, as the abstracts online make it sound like each student conducts his own research project and writeup.</p>

<p>Is your son committing to this program? I'm deciding between Garcia MRSEC, UF-SSTP, this one, and (if I'm able to land a mentor) the City of Hope SSA, and I really have no idea which one to go with.</p>

<p>yes, i just sent the check this morning. He is committed to it now. If you do a search for Baylor HSSSRP on facebook, you will see a lot of pictures from students of 2009. It seems like they enjoyed it a lot. I don't know about you but my son has a sport camp to go and college applications & essays to write and a lot of other things so 4 weeks of science camp is enough for him. I hope you decide to come too.</p>

<p>squiggysquid, i don't really know about other summer programs so I really could not help you. Sorry about that. Don't worry too much and enjoy your summer.</p>

<p>I've been accepted and intend on going! anyone have an idea of how many people are attending this year?</p>

<p>@siriously, I turned down my spot for a different summer program. They told me that 10 people were accepted. Have fun this summer!</p>

<p>Does anybody know if you produce a full research project which can be submitted to Intel, Siemens, etc, from this program? It seems a little short, but you are doing research with university professors, so I'm not quite sure.</p>