Baylor University NMF

I’m a junior in high school and am most likely going to be a National Merit Finalist. Is the Baylor University scholarship that covers tuition guaranteed for NMFs?

I’m sure it changes year to year, but Baylor has typically given NMF’s full tuition scholarships.

My son’s admission officer confirmed earlier this year that they’ve done away with the full-tuition scholarship for NMF. However, they’ve expanded the need-based aid wider. If you’re looing for a full-tuition to full-ride scholarship, consider applying for the Invitation to Excellence or Getterman Scholarship.

Do you know what is considered in determining who receives the scholarships from Invitation to Excellence? I emailed the financial aid office and they sent me a link to a page that no longer exists.

@Chrane03 I2E is an event that you attend that showcases all the cool things at Baylor. You participate in a group activity. You then write and essay about it and send it in. It is very selective but National Merit students have typically gotten aid (I had a family member who went to Baylor years ago and they got a full ride for NMF). Regardless you will get good scholarship aid with high scores, a good resume, and good writing skills.

Hey, is Invitation to Excellence only for prospective students, or are current undergrads eligible?

I believe it is only for prospective students. You also must be invited in order to attend. Hence “invitation” to excellence. I believe the invitation cutoff is 33 ACT and 1420 SAT.

I have emailed their financial aid department multiple times and they seem very nice, you might want to shoot them an email to see if you might be able to attend as an undergrad.