Baylor's Invitation to Excellence Scholarship—I Messed Up

Hey guys, back at it again with screwing up for the nth time. I really just missed out on the Invitation to Excellence scholarship. I was invited to participate, and I worked hard on my application, but I didn’t register in time for the events, and I feel so stupid. Things just really aren’t working out for me. Any tips on what I can do last minute? I’ve been feeling really out of it due to personal events going on in my life. I just haven’t been myself, and I’m never like this. I don’t know what to do anymore at this point. I’m freaking out. I have way more things to focus on, but my mom told me I wasn’t missing out on much because they only give out 2 of the full-ride scholarships. Should I email my AO about it to try to squeeze in? I feel as if my reason for missing out could be outstanding, but I feel bad and don’t want to play that card.